Monday, July 27, 2009

Racism 101

It would seem that Professor Gates needs to pay more attention in his own classroom discussions.
How did the professor fail to understand the racial and social dynamics of the town in which he was teaching.
Sorry Skip, but; white wife+white neighborhood+white life... does not equal white man.
If anyone should have known the limitations of their Blackness, it should have been Professor Gates.


brohammas said...

I'm sure he understands he is black, he just forgat that being rich trumps race only AFTER you get arrested.

FreeMan said...

LMBAO! I think the unspoken POV on this is exactly what you said. No one really wants to say it because Black folk are still mad at the cop overall. It's a OJ situation all over again.... c'mon dumb ass you are still black and when have any of us gotten away with your kind of behavior. Some people have to kill white women, be accused of sexual molestation by kids, and be sent to jail over breaking in his own house to get snapped back into reality of being Black!

For all the intellectuals in the world you can't out think racism. No amount of training and calling people dumb and kumbaya is going to stop a cop from thinking he can be wrong and still be right when it comes to Blacks! But he sure does look smart! LOL