Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shut Up Bitch !

So PETA wants psychological testing before it will feign contentment with Michael Vick's punishment?
I just don't see it.
The only bitch that could have any real complaint against Vick is any one of his victims.
How is it that Paris Hilton (after serving her sentence for a drunk driving conviction) still gets to make a living doing... what exactly?
But she still gets to make a living.
Where is the M.A.D.D.?
Michael Phelps still keeps his endorsement deals after being caught taking a few puffs from a bong.
How is he any more of a "role model" than Vick?
Where is the anti-drug lobby?
Marta Stewart still makes millions as the Queen of Entertaining after her stint in federal prison.
Where is the anger of those burned by the recent manipulation of the stock markets?
Vick has (and will) serve his sentence.
His (potentially) earned full reinstatement after missing the first six games of the regular season,
combined with his lost income,
combined with 20 months in jail,
combined with work being done with the Humane Society,
should all be enough for him to continue to enjoy his Constitutionally protected right of pursuing his happiness.


RunningMom said...

I don't necessarily think he should be prevented from playing football if someone wants to hire him. Like you said - he did his time.

The difference between Vick and the others is that he is a violent offender. We presume that he found some level of enjoyment out of fighting dogs as well as the rest of the abuse. If he found it deplorable (as most people would) he wouldn't have been involved in it.

Allowing someone who finds pleasure in torturing animals (an early sign of a serial killer in children) to play professional football - which usually means to be a role model for kids, teens and adults (as most sports stars are) is the only issue I see at this point.

Is he sorry for fighting and torturing dogs? Doubt it, but I'm sure he is sorry he got caught.

uglyblackjohn said...

Vick, like many others, just forgot to leave the hood in the hood.
I'm sure many NFL fans (not PETA) would dismiss the mistake with a few good seasons in the league.

I don't feel sorry for Vick but he has jumped (and will jump) through all the required hoops.
As his punishment is more severe than the others - he should be allowed to pursue what's in his best interest.

Will people taunt him?
Of course they will.
That's just part of the game.