Sunday, July 12, 2009


The fastest on land and in water?
Who would have thunk it?
As Usan Bolt is to track - Cullen Jones is to swimming.
This past weekend, Mr Jones set a new American record at the US Swimming National Championships in the 50 metre freestyle in a time of 21.41 seconds.

"So what, one brotha' can swim" - some would say.
As Ali learned to box after someone stole his bike - Mr. Jones learned to swim after he almost drowned.
And Black children, between the ages of 10-14, are five times more likely to drown than white children of the same ages.
Not possessing a skill can be deadly.

Does Mr Jones still get to be Black while participating in a "White" sport?
Check out his site;

Al and Jessie still get to be Black - but their power and influence is based on the charity of others.
They don't contribute their own money, they only contribute money from the funds of their organizations.
Their "charity" actually costs them nothing of their personal wealth.
As Oprah, Tiger, and countless other "Bougie" Blacks do for less fortunate Blacks - so does Jones.

While others complain about the disparities between the races - these "Bougie Negroes" are actually doing something about it at a cost to their own personal wealth.


DPizz said...

Swimming = definitely not Black (JK). Look, some people can do anything, but still maintain what I'll call a "Black Identity". I really don't have the language right now to to express what I mean by Black identity, but I know it when I see it.

In any case, one shouldn't let the opinions of others, who have little or no bearing on one's life, have any significant impact on your life - if you are comfortable with yourself.

I wouldn't put those Bougie Negros on too high of a pedestal, most of them utilize foundations that do in fact often solicit donations and/or serve as a way to shield the Bougie's income from the US Gov while indeed imparting some good works as well. These foundations and charitable giving are hardly selfless acts, there are significant tax and income shielding benefits of substantial significance, to be derived as well.

Mr. Noface said...

Oh sweet Jesus, what sport does the white man have left? Hockey? Olympic Curling? I kid...I kid!