Sunday, July 12, 2009

You're Probably NOT Nubian

Or Moorish.
In fact, Wikipedia lists at least seventy-five (75) different ethnic groups belonging to the continent of Africa.
Since most American slaves were the descendants of Western African peoples - chances are, you are not from the Northern African Moorish peoples, nor the Eastern African Nubian peoples.

Even Africans have different origins.


FreeMan said...

You may be right but a area is a area. So do you call an Iraqi not a Iraqi because their tribes were Sunni or Shiite?

Why would you stop there to show the difference. Where did the Moors come from and is that the same ancestor as the West Africans they are not supposed to be the same with. I mean you can't pick one time to say lets start here to say now they are different.

brohammas said...

If you are going to head down the path of going back till a people merge, making it OK to call yourself Nubian due to common ancestry, than at some point I'm African too.

While this may be true, for all modern purposes that is nonsense. In fact I don't even claim my Scotch-Irish ancestry because at this point my culture, the way I was raised, has NOTHING to do with Scotland or Ireland. Both sides of the family have been on this continent since 1720. What do I know about Scotland? Or Nubia?