Thursday, July 2, 2009

Built To Fail

The Principle of Least Action states; "...Nature is thrifty in all it's actions..."
The above photo is a good example of this .
Notice how the river travels the path of least resistance?
This is the natural order of things.

Maybe a flood, erosion or any other change in the environment could cause the flow to shift - but even then, it would be to the new path of least resistance.
In trying to counteract the natural order - we create our downfall.

Our economy is built on having everyone work for and desire the same things.
But this assumes somewhat infinite resources in a zero-sum game.
This is why over fishing destroys whole populations of sea life,
this is why over fertilization drains nutrients from our soil,
this is why cities are overpopulated,
this is why pollutants fill our skies,
this is why we have inflation and the collapse of economies (and later, civilizations).

Do you remember the bar scene in A Beautiful Mind when the John Nash character was explaining game theory to his friends?
How, if they all went after the hot blond (even though they may not have even been interested in her) - that four of the five would lose?
But if each picked the girl he liked best - most of the players would win.
This is why we are all different.
This is why we (should) desire different things.
It keeps the zero-sum game as something only played by the foolish and the greedy.

But our society isn't built to succeed.
If everyone wants the same things, thinks the same thoughts and acts the same ways - production can be made more efficient.
More efficiency produces bigger profits.
Bigger profits produce more control for those who own the things being sold.
More control and conformity requires more consumption of the same raw materials.
The overuse of the same same raw materials causes a depletion of those materials.

Our economic system ignores the theory of Ockham's Razor.
Instead of doing away with useless levels of complication - we invent new instruments to maximized the already maximized profits. (This would be the hills in the above photo.)
Since this goes against the natural order - we then invent even newer financial instruments to prop up an already failed model. (This would be the non-visible dam on the same river.)
But when a perfect storm of unfortunate (but foreseeable) events occur - the system corrects itself back to the path of least resistance. (Our future economic collapse.).

Do I like Obama/ Sure.
Will the current rescue plan work? Nope.
IMO - It's just another attempt to shore up a faulty model.
A model that was built to fail.

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FreeMan said...

Alright UBJ I felt like you were making a argument I think about in my mind. I tell people about business efficiency and how it ultimately leads to a problem as like you said there are a limited amount of resources. It also explains why some limitless resources like the sun, wind, and flows of a mighty river are not used by business as they can't quantify and limit the consumers use. We all know something is wrong because the whole model is set up to fail. You buy a TV to have a limited life so you have to buy another and this is the game here in capitalism. If they don't convince you that Calvin Klien underwear is better than regular old swapmeet underwear then many vendors can enter but if they make it trendy there is only one CK!

The BiG O is just a politician who is here to pacify us through the depression. Will things change for the better NOPE! Will the banks reform NOPE! Will the schools get better NOPE! Will drugs disappear NOPE! But damn don't you feel good that he's thinking about em!