Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Yard Short

This is the image of Steve McNair that I'll remember.
Being from the L.A. area - I was never a fan of the Rams.
So when the chance came for a brotha' to beat the Rams on the county's biggest stage - I was thrilled.
It was a great game with remarkable play by all involved. (Yeah... Kurt Warner did get off.)
What I'll remember about McNair is the heart shown on the final drive.
Like Ali/Frazier or Julie Moss in the Ironman Triathlon - winning wasn't as impressive as the effort shown by the loser.

Just as I didn't care about Former President Clinton getting his cigar smoked - I don't care about McNair's affair going the Obsessed route either.
That was business for Steve and wife to deal with.

That girl at the hotel, Trina and former Laker Girl Vanessa Curry (above) - Who cared (besides Bryant's family) as long as Kobe could hit the "J"?
Would any of these incidents matter if the girl looked like Kim Kardasian?
(C'mon... you know Monica Lewinsky was a bit of a chunk-a-chunk-chunk, and the woman involved with McNair was only about average looking (definitely NOT worth being killed over).)
Or, are extramarital affairs just one of the "secret" perks of success in our society?


Max Reddick said...

Yes, it does seem that adulterous sex is one of the perks of success. I recently read that book by Superhead (It was a long flight and a friend lent it to me.), and from what she wrote, not only do men see it as their perogative, their is no shortage of women willing to enter into these relationships even when they have nothing to gain in the end.

It's a shame that despite all the good he has done, he will be remembered for this relationship.

Bullet said...

This is sad for both families, it all ended with a bullet.

I Bullet Am Sorry

FreeMan said...

It's not a perk but they have handlers to cover their tracks. The average cat just doesn't have the money to keep it quiet they hope instead the girl will not get jealous and raise hell.

DPizz said...

It's hardly a secret. Chris Rock had it right when he said something like: 'a man is about as faithful as his opportunities to cheat'. Anyone that has observed men's behavior knows this is pretty much true. And it certainly is not limited to the successful (e.g. Maury, Jerry Springer). It just so happens that success breeds lots of opportunities.

When I first started working in a corporate setting, I had a particular opportunity to observe the behavior of many of the Senior Executives in the company. Almost everyone one had mistresses. It was really incredible and shocking to me at the time. Now that I'm older, I understand.

I don't see it either, but I guess McNair liked the curry-babes.

It is kind of sad, but you cannot deny the power of the puzzy!

Peacemaker said...

"C'mon... you know Monica Lewinsky was a bit of a chunk-a-chunk-chunk, and the woman involved with McNair was only about average looking (definitely NOT worth being killed over)."
Oh, so an "attractive" woman is worth losing your life? For someone with such good ideas concerning raising young men, you seem awfully shallow concerning womens' appearances. Do you ever look for character ( generosity, kindness, thoughtfulness, etc.) in your dates or are internal qualities eclipsed by a “D” cup and an apple bottom? PLEASE don't ever get sick. You will find those 'attractive' women running away faster than a roach from a can of Raid.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Peacemaker - Oh yes.. I look for those things too.
It's just like looking at the packaging first before checking on the nutritional value of the cereal.

But the meaning in the statement was that since most of these trists are driven by lust - I just don't see the attraction.

Actually - Check out "Choptensils" (over there ->) for a nice piece that explains it better than I can when it comes to the differences between lust and love.