Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Siddity And Brohammas

Do some men marry this,
When what they really wanted was this?

Or do some men marry this,

When they are really predisposed to this?

Does one's culture dictate that one should desire this,

When some men's true desire is this?
Siddity and brohammas are two of my favorite bloggers.
Why? Because they both deal with race on a more intimate level.
Not from the outside looking in - but from the perspective of one having to deal with the added stress of one's own race possibly making them into pariahs on a daily basis.
When most people can go home to escape from racial issues - these two must deal with these issues on a more personal level.
But what I like the most is their honesty.
They were honest to themselves and to their partners.
They dismissed the expectations of society and a large part of their traditional cultures.
If they would have married what they were expected to marry instead of who they really wanted - would they seek that which is most desired by them outside of their marriage?

When I say that I prefer tall, physically fit, attractive (Not necessarily someone who is "pretty" in the traditional sense, but someone who holds my attention even without makeup.), nice, smart, funny, and church going - I'm just being honest.
That's what I like.
If I dated or married anything other than this, I would cheat.


Invisible Woman said...

I really like brohammas too, who I discovered through your blog and his witty comments. I especially liked his post on the intersection (or lack thereof) of race and hair.

brohammas said...

Thanks Invisible Woman, that post got me some serious backlash. I even found a blog relating to how much of a racist I was being a white guy talking about race...especially hair. Whatever.

I think it is relevant to note I did not set out to marry a black girl. I did not have some sort of fetish or even a preference. I have seen hot come in all sorts of shapes and colors.
What I did have was a specific set of standards that were basic yet uncompromising; she had to be a member of my religion and she had to be hot. O.K. I wanted smart too. This is not to say I had, or have, some sort of racial blindness, in fact, had I espoused that mind set I never would have gotten a second date with her. What I did do was set my base on the thing most important to me, my religion, and left myself open to everything else.
So the point is UBJ, stop messin’ around and find that girl… maybe she’s in Utah! (that is of course a joke. I found mine in ATL)