Sunday, July 12, 2009

Still Black ?

Kristen said; "...Thank you. I don't understand people's fixation with trying to make Black something other than what it is - a color.
I am Black because of my skin tone and my heritage."

FreeMan said "Black, to me, is defined by our color and shared origins."

Kristen, I'm not saying that Black is something to be denied - but that it has to be more inclusive. Anyone would admit that African model Alec Wek is Black. The shape of her nose, the curl of her hair, the color of her skin - she is Black.

But what about these Africans?
Or her?

What about this African woman (Yes, in the grey dress) who is attacked on the Stormfront site for being able to pass for white?
What "Color" makes one Black?

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Kristin said...

UBJ "inclusive"? I am not trying to pick a fight but when I read your original post you spoke mainly of overcoming road blocks as a way to define black. I have a serious problem with that concept. I believe the commentator Brohammas summed it up nicely regarding the fallacy of "overcoming" as a definition of black.

We within the black community are well aware of the varying skin tones from light bright next to white to midnight. All colors fall within an intensity spectrum. How are any of the pictures you posted different? Each person falls differently along that color spectrum.
Do you think Indians have this discussion because I know they have many of the same color variations as we do? The answer is no they don't have a problem with defining who they are through their cultural heritage and I just wish we would consistently do the same. More importantly I wish we would stop trying to make black about something other than what it is.

I look forward to reading your response and continuing the discussion.