Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pop Culture As politics

Why no coverage of former Representative Cynthia McKinney's detainment by Israel?
Because by some - she is just considered a simple nigga' tryin' to look bigger
Because many in the media consider her a crazy woman who thinks she should be treated as though she were someone of importance.
Because she is not a media star.
In other words - Because she is not Sarah Palin.

(And neither is the woman in the above photo)
But the announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin deciding to retire from office gets wide coverage.
Because she is a media star. Her notoriety comes from her ability to communicate to an audience hungry for a figurehead.

Why is Mrs. Palin quiting?
Probably to become the leader of the New Libertarian Party.
She knows that there is a base out there who still can't comprehend that a Black man (even if only half-Black) is running the country.
She knows that the Republican Party is pandering to minorities in an effort to stay relevant (read; Michael Steele).
She knows that a New Libertarian Party lead by a "traditional" nominee would be able to compete with Obama in 2012 better than anyone nominated by the GOP.

So why is this of any more importance than the news of Ms McKinney's detainment?
Because we are a celebrity driven society - and Sarah Palin is the bigger celebrity.


Max Reddick said...

The news of Representative McKinney's detainment appeared as a footnote on something I was reading recently. The write-up was so small, I really didn't know how to take it. But you are correct. I would think this would at least merit mention on the front page.

But I am still scraching my head about the whole ascension of Sarah Palin as a legitimate political player. What does the right see in her? Obviously, her penchant for self-promotion and giving rousing if not completely meaningless and empty speeches has obviously captivated the right's imagination. It would probably be humorous if the possibility of her garnering and wielding power and making decisions that might affect us all were not so real.

But I don't think a Libertarian party would be successful. A party lead by Palin would simply act to siphon votes from the GOP leaving both parties almost powerless.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Max - The GOP is essentially already powerless - hence: Sarah Palin.
Ms. Palin's ego will lead her to believe that she is the answer to the "base's" frustations.
I know that proclaiming her as the next Libertarian candidate is a pretty wild swing of the bat - but what else is left for those within the GOP who share the same views as she?