Thursday, July 16, 2009

Racism v. Oppression

Jack Celliers ( ) said; "...The only thing I really don't get is why "race" is such an issue. Not even race, but something as difficult to define as the color of the skin.
For me, race is simply a biological thing - something one cannot choose.
'Oppression' is what makes a difference..."

This is probably the most sagacious comment made on this little blog. Not even Pythia herself could have put it any better. If my Spanglish was any better - I'd read his site.

Well... you see Jack - I share the opinion that race is but one of the many symptoms that is evident in the greater illness and cause of oppression. Whether someone likes my "Race" or not - it is of little consequence. But when someone attempts to limit my opportunities based on my race - that is the problem.


Jack Celliers said...

Of course racism is wonderfully useful. As nationalism, religion, or anything that helps dividing people for things that are not their real interests.

So they will spit on you because you are black. Or any other "wrong" color, for instance in Argentina -my country- the bad color is brown, the color of the guys who lived there before being crushed by Europeans. Nice, isn't it? A black guy is regarded as very cool, because we have no blacks... And if he speaks English, he could be an American! Wow!

But don't worry, because after spitting on you they will call you "American" before sending you to war. You always can have an "identity" to cover what you really are: a guy who is being fucked up every day. As many others with other "identities".

Jack Celliers said...

BTW, thanks for the credit! Happy to contribute & share thoughts. That's why we blog I think... :)

Jack Celliers said...

Oh... one more thing: sigaeseblog is simply a collection of jokes... I have a political blog:

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Sorry for the language gap... If I had time I'd translate...

Max Reddick said...

I never thought of it like that. But it's so true. We all might be a bit prejudice, but when that prejudice manifests itself in such a way that we been to oppress others, we have crossed a line.

Anonymous said...

So, you against affirmative action? Or are you just another black hypocrite, happy with discrimination as long as it is in your favor?

All this black "I am so oppressed" crap is way too old. If you are so damn oppressed, I'll pay for your ticket to the black homeland of your choice. There you won't have to endure White oppression anymore.

Hmm, never any takers for that one. I wonder why not. Cause everybody knows, all that oppression talk is a complete and total lie.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Indra - Pa-lease.
Native Americans are indigenous,
Mexicans were granted the rights to practice their reigion and traditions, speak their language and to live peacefully when America signed the Gadsden treaty, and Blacks were brought here by force.
Which group has an unethical right to America?

Am I oppressed?
Heck no!
No one you will ever know will have the ability to opress ME.