Thursday, July 30, 2009

Better Than Magic

He doesn't have to be as funny or as culturally relevant as Arsenio - But I'm just hoping that Brian McKnight can pull off the (not too difficult) task of being better than Magic Johnson.

Not since the days of In Living Color and Arsenio Hall and Spike Lee movies (With music from Public Enemy.) have we had the chance to redefine our cultural standards.
Here's to hoping we get it right this time.


RunningMom said...

Is McNight getting his own talk show? Oh lawwd, I'm going to really wish I had tivo.. and cable. lol

Freeman said...

We got him out here in LA resinging other famous people songs on our R&B station KJLH. I find him to be quite boring so unless he takes a line before going out get ready for the smooth talk hour that you usually reserve for slow jams.

No one has done it better than Arsenio Hall and until we get someone who is a presence without being a joke none of these guys will work.