Monday, July 27, 2009

LessNique (Please)

Citzen Ojo asked why it was that I can't seem to stand Mo'Nique.
FreeMan said that she must have taken my lunch from me when I was a child.
(Nah FreeMan - she never took my lunch, but whenever I see her, she just about makes me lose my lunch.)

But I hate Mo'Nique and women like her because they are haters and hypocrites.
I listen to many of my less than attractive, fat, dumb, poor and simple cousins talk shit about any woman who they think looks better than themselves (which is most other women).
I listen to these beastly women hate on Beyonce, Rihanna, Keisha Coles (who looked great with the black hair at the BET awards), and anyone else who has a life better than their own.
I listen as they talk about Halle Berry, Kerry Hilson or Ciara being anorexic - all the while they are drinking Diet Coke and eating a salad with their 3000 calorie meals all in an effort to lose weight.
Mo'Nique just looks like an old meatloaf. All greasy and sloppy but an effort has been made to make it seem more appealing.
Mo'Nique just sweats gravy.
Women like Mo'Nique don't really hate these people - they just hate that it isn't them living the life.

But this isn't endemic to Mo'Nique or her hater sisters.
TMZ, Hollywood Tonite, Entertainment Tonight and others have made careers off of being such haters.
People watch the judge shows, reality television, and talk shows so that they can talk shit about how dumb other people are.
People watch Wheel of Fortune instead of Jeopardy because they can imagine themselves as intellectual for being able to play a high-tech version of hangman.
Popular culture is a hater culture and to me; Mo'Nique is the poster child for that culture.


RainaHavock said...

This a little off topic but doesn't Halle Berry have diabetes?

brohammas said...

Ahhh Monique.
Now while many magazines do hold aup an unrealistic standard, yes UBJ, even unrealistic in Cali (hence all the surgery), but the whole calling overweight people "real" or "normal" is two things: accurate and sad.
Its sad that someone 30lbs overweight is considered normal, sad that it is in fact normal, and even sadder that some try to celebrate it as good. Did a bunch of diabetes Dr.s sponsor this idea in hopes to have more clientell?

now to avoid hypocrasy, I know I have slipped since the glory days. As a result I keep my shirt on (your welcome). I do not hate on those in better shape, but I box them out like they have never been boxed before. Yeah, go ahead and try to back me down under the basket twig bot.

Anonymous said...

Meeooowww... sounds a bit catty.
I think a lot of what MoNique say sis for show. But, I don't really know since I don't know her. But could it be your reacting to her stage character?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Raina - Really? I didn't know.

@ brohammas - I think it bothers me more when those who are less accomplished hate on those who have accomplished.
If a big just said; "I'm big but I'm working on it" or "I'm big and I'm living with it" - I don't think I'd be so sick of hearing them.
I just get tired of people who complain because other people are doing what they wish they could.
(And then they try to blame their lack of progress on race, gender or size instead of their lack of preparedness.)

@ Anon - Yeah, maybe.
But since it is her stage character that she is selling - I'm not buying it.
When I have to hear other women using her lines from her shows as an excuse for their shortcomings - her influence becomes an excuse for not doing better.

Personally, I don't know her.
But it is that she represents a growing number of our society that bothers me most.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Being overweight is not necessarily a short-coming. Skinny people have always had the entirety of media and social culture behind them, so it makes you look shallow hating on Mo'Nique. Even if her stage character is faked, she's still one person acknowledging that fat people are people, and shouldn't hide away because skinny people say so. Fat people don't have many voices...Also, you make it seem like ALL fat women hate on everyone because they are skinny. Not true. You should meet more women.