Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vick To Raiders?

A four to six game suspension might seem a bit harsh to some NFL fans and players - but this punishment isn't without precedent.
During the 1960's - Pete Rozelle suspended Alex Karros and Paul Hornung for an entire season for violating the league's gambling policies.
League commissioners have usually gotten away with enforcing punishments on players who are deemed to have devalued the image of the league.

But when Vick gets his pass back into the league - where will he play?
The Oakland Raiders seem to be a good fit.
Their outlaw image could be used as a marketing tool in Vick's favor.
The Raiders are in the 'hood.
The Raiders are 'hood.
They play across the bay from the more cultured croissant eating 49er's.
They play in an area that would understand the lure of dog-fighting and thugishness.
Vick in the land of Pac - it would be a perfect fit.

Who do the Raiders have?
Jeff Garcia?
Pa-lease. He reminds me of Jim Plunkett - A solid Raiders quarterback, but boring as hell.
JaMarcus Russel?
Why settle for a Vick-like quarterback when they could get the real thing?
Charlie Frye or another of the no-names on their roster?
Al Davis and the Raiders could actually benefit from from having a former felon on the field playing for the former felons in the stands.

My prediction - Vick in Oaktown.

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FreeMan said...

I'm betting he'll end up in St Louis, San Francisco, or Arizona all because of their needs. So get ready NFC West here's Vick!