Monday, June 29, 2009

Yogi"s Ark Lark

Back in the early seventies - Hanna Barbera produced a We Are The World type animated series that was intended to raise the awareness of the World's ecological issues.
The premise was that Yogi and his friends would search the globe in order to find the perfect environment in which they could settle.
They were searching for a land that was not overrun by corporations and greedy humans (who were always portrayed as having caused more problems than they solved).

But every place that looked the most promising had problems of it's own.
After solving each locale's problems - the crew would again board it's ship and begin their search anew.

Having exhausted themselves in searching - they finally returned home to find the best place from which to begin CREATING their perfect place.

So, what's the point?
That there is no perfect place from which to create a perfect environment for success.
It's just a case of, "The grass being greener...".
Each person is already given all they need as their foundation to make the improvements in their own lives.
It all comes down to what each person does with what is given them.


FreeMan said...

Well sometimes you have to see if the grass is greener. Some people have to see things for theirselves and search the world only to come back and see the opportunities they have before them.

DPizz said...

Nice, fanciful story, but utter Bullllllllshit! May or may not be true for some, certainly not all.

You writing a blog about the real world or fictional childrens stories?

Invisible Woman said...

I'm with you UBJ...but you do have to see other grass to know and appreciate that you can just fertilize your own and make it beautiful.... :-)

uglyblackjohn said...

It's basically all a Wizard of Oz tale retold for the millionth time in the millionth way.

But IMO - It is one of the simple truisms of all time.

Urbanleftbehind said...

Laugh-O-Limpics was waaaaaaYYYY

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