Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Single Women

Who says that there aren't any single women out there who are ready for a family?
The Octomom is single, a pseudo-celebrity, college educated and has a hustle.
What? Are fourteen kids too many?

How about that nagging bitch Kate.
(Damn John... I feel you on dumping this chick - Ida' gone all Chris Brown on her ass years ago.)
The kids are past the terrible twos.
She is a nurse, makes about 50k per episode, and is about to be single.
She's even had the lypo done already.

Maybe TLC can get a really big house and have a singles mothers as roommates show.
It wouldn't be any more crazy than what already exists.


RunningMom said...

Being a single parent is one thing, being a single parent of that many kids is another thing... especially when they are all the same age.

But of course they can do it and they will succeed. Women are capable of amazing things. Doesn't mean it's ideal.

Max Reddick said...

Once you bring the cameras into your home, its a death sentence! I didn't ever watch the show, but I feel for all parties involved especially the kids. I think at some point the parents, from what I hear the wife most of all, began to see the dollar signs and everything went down hill from there.