Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Black Images

There are only three acceptable Black images;
The Mandingo,
The Gangsta'/Dope Boy,

Or the Clown.
Any variation of the three is a'ight.
But anything that socially surpasses these images is seen as non-Black.


FreeMan said...

Well again you are talking about what the media portrays us to be. What is the impression of the average Chinese guy in the 80's but a Kung Fu teacher.

Those who don't control the media are always made to look lesser than the masses. So to ask why the group who is being caricatured accepts what they see all the time on TV is blaming the victim.

If you give a family a bad name like calling all their women whores and don't let them get into anything but being a whore then of course the children will think they are going to be whores. To ask them why they reinforce this is like asking why the Italians and Irish have a tradition of being a firefighter. It's what they see and that is stronger than anything that they may hear or read!

DPizz said...

Come on man, that's not all the Black positions. What about the athlete or rapper?

Seriously though, you are riding this ish too hard. Some perceptions are changing and not everyone thinks this way, even amongst those 'keeping it real'.

Mr. Noface said...

The athlete is the variation of the Mandingo and the rapper is the variation of the Gangsta'/Dope Boy (well more recently anyway).

There are more than three archetypes, though. Don't forget about the Noble Negro (the asexual, harmless paragon of virtue).

DPizz said...

@Mr. You are right sir! What about the fiery Preacher or Activist.