Monday, June 29, 2009

Three Black Women

The three archetypes of Black women in American media are thus;
The sex toy.
Rihanna/Chris Brown was only in the news because Ri was hot. Ciara, Beyonce and Kerry Hilson are only selling records because they are nice to look at.

The crackhead/hoodrat. Even Halle Berry had to play a crackhead... twice (Losing Isaiah, Jungle Fever) before getting the chance to move "up" to the sex toy.

Or the mammy.
Do I really need to list the countless mammy images in today's media?
Beyond these images - where do you (American Black women) exist?


brohammas said...

you forgot the sassy, no nonsense judge.

Mista Jaycee said...

I vote for the SEX TOY!
(I know you are being Serious but Damn!)

DPizz said...

Another for SEX TOY! She is BANGIN! I disagree with your Beyonce comment. She is not the greatest vocalist ever, but she is reasonably talented and as an overall entertainer, she's of the highest caliber.

I don't believe the image of American Black women is nearly as stark or limited as these few depictions you show here. Owed to such women a Condoleezza Rice and Michelle Obama, most recently, I think the image of Black women in America is so diverse it's not easy to sum them up in a few archetypes or a brief statement; whereas, I think the IMAGE of American Black Men is much more narrow.

At this point, I think the image of Black women in America probably comes down more to class than color for a given Black woman. Of course I am biased, but when I think about Black American women, I think of a whole spectrum of different women. I would need you to provide me with more background information in order for me to come up with a particular image. In my opinion, this is different when it comes to Black men (in terms of the perceived image of Black men).

Invisible Woman said...

LOL brohammas!