Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bottom Man

Okay, let's assume that the racial totem pole goes - White>Hispanic>Asian>Black>Native American>Other (Or something like that.).

Who is really the bottom man or woman?
Is it the obese?

Could it be those in the the GLBT community?

Or someone who is handicapped?

Or homeless?

Or poor?
Or mentally retarded?
Or the ugly?
Or is it a combination of these factors in addition to race?


Big Don said...

Someone who is *ALL* of the above...??

FreeMan said...

The poor and handicapped have to be the worst off.

Max Reddick said...

The pendulum swings. It is any of these things at any given time based on the purposes of those passing judgement.

brohammas said...

the racial pyramid is synister in that it works independently of ugly, fat, or handicapped.

What it does is compound the problems of anyone inflicted with any of those afformentioned issues. Asian AND ugly, or Black AND handicapped just shoves you further down the totem.

again I disagree with your latino ranking. I still say Mexicans get a raw deal, especially very Indian Mexicans.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Big Don - Obviously.

@ FreeMan - Is a hadicapped white person better or worse off than a healthy Black person?
Or will it take being fat, ugly and retarded (mentally challenged) and white to be on the level of being a normal Black person?

@ Max - Yep.
But what I'm saying is that race is only one of the many factors that people use to judge others.
And in many cases - it is not the most important.

@ brohammas - But can being Great looking, healthy, wealthy, smart and Black move someone UP the totem?

Yeah, the Latino debate can go on and on.
But the worst off are the less European looking ones.
These are (mostly) those who swim across the river or walk through the dessert in search of a better life.
The ones who can "pass" (Raquel Welch, Salma or Cameron Diaz) usually have a lot more options.

D.J. said...

Never ever ever thought i would come here and see some gay porn. I dont have an answer that i can point to one or the other as these are often mixed together. I am gay but i am black and i am fat (I look good but i could lose 30 pounds). But I don't have any group to speak for me. the blacks don't speak for me cause there against the gay. The gay don't speak for me cause they don't consider black gays as part of their culture.

You get power from voices and those who have the money to speak the loudest for you.

RunningMom said...

OMG @ these pics. Where do you find this stuff!?!?

I think that beauty surpasses most and moves you up the totem pole - regardless of race. Ask your average guy about if he cares about the race of a beautiful actress or model and he will likely say - who cares, she's hot!!

I would even say that each and every man and woman who only dates inside of their own racial mix has at least one fantasy crush on someone of a different race. Why? Because their hot!

I don't consider myself higher or lower on the totem pole based on race. I give more credit to how you carry yourself, grooming, education, character. I definitely will say - oh yeah, she is at a higher level than me. Or - wow I'm way past her she needs some work.

I think about who my peers/equals are at work - not based on race or salary or title, but on how they carry themselves and what their work ethic / attitude is like.

FreeMan said...

@UBJ - Really once you get to a level of being totally fucked up I don't know if race enters the equation. People usually are cruel to the poor and disabled.

Mr. Noface said...

Wow, UBJ you should have warned us about some of those pictures at the begining of your post. I wasn't prepared AT ALL!

Race will always be that added punch in the gut if you are someone unfortunate enough to be seriously Punk'd by life.

Being Great looking, healthy, wealthy, smart and Black will afford a person very limited upward mobility on the totem pole (IMO). I've heard this sentence ending way too much growing up: "...for a black person."

uglyblackjohn said...

@ DJ - I really have no reply.
I have to think about who speaks for whom.

@ RunningMom - I'm thinking that looks, money and fame trump a lot of issues - maybe money and fame even more.

@ FreeMan - But does it work the other way?

@ NoFace - But coming from whom - and did it really matter?
I have people tell me all the time that they can't figure me out because I don't seem to care about others' opinions.
(Which really isn't the case - I DO care what my friends think.)
My reply; "Why should I?".