Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Not What You Have...

If it were a fruit tree - some would eat the fruit.
If it were a shade tree - some would sit in the shade.
But a smart guy would eat the fruit, save and plant the seeds, and cultivate an orchard.
The smart guy would save the acorns, plant them and grow a forest.
The really smart guy would take the forest and create products.

The bottom line?
It's not what you have - but what you do with it.


FreeMan said...

I agree! Some people are enterprising and think about how to build but most people only see what is in front of them. The key is making sure the short sighted people aren't in control of production because otherwise they will deplete the trees to make furniture for the King and leave everyone else with shrubs!

brohammas said...

a smart man may take and build and produce and prosper and all that...
but a person, just as smart, may also choose to happily eat fruit, sit under a tree, and be satisfied with that.

DPizz said...

Is today sometimes true, sometimes bulllllllshit, cliche' day?