Thursday, June 25, 2009

They Die In Threes

Damn... I thought that was only a myth.
But maybe coincidence is stranger than fiction.

First it was Ed McMahon.
Iconic? Maybe.
Let's see...
StarSearch, The Tonight Show and the Publisher's Clearinghouse giveaway.
I would have liked to see Ed show up at my door.
So yes... Ed's an Icon.

" Ooh...You can see her nipples." I said as I looked at my friend Robert's copy of this poster.
Iconic - for one poster and a short stint on a television show?
Somehow - yes.

But Mike?
I'm not really a fan of Mike.
What, whuuut?
(Yeah... I liked Off The Wall better than Thriller.)
But even with his rumoured fondness for little boys, skin ailments and costumes - Mike was the shit!
C'mon... who didn't do the robot after Dancin' Machine,
or who didn't try to moonwalk after his performance on the Motown show?
Mike was the man.
Favorite 10 M.J. songs?
I Wanna Be Where You Are
Off The Wall
Leave Me Alone
Man In The Mirror
Remember The Time
Smooth Criminal
Billie Jean
Beat It
Heartbreak Hotel


brohammas said...

I have never liked his music. It just isn't the stuff I'm into. Never liked pop.
But I respect his talent...
Not the same way my wife does, as she has been glued to the TV and on the phone with everyone she has ever met talking about the biggest news of our life.

Max Reddick said...

That's what the old folks say--they die in threes. Could there be something to that after all. Certainly was a shock. But I think he has been unhappy for quite some while.

Tairebabs said...

My favorite is Thriller, Smooth criminal and black or white. I am so saddened by all these deaths. I loved Michael despite all the physical changes. I could never deny his talent and originality. Today is a day in history..great loses.

Mr. Noface said...

I'm more shocked than bummed about these three deaths.

FreeMan said...

MJ death started to interrupt the NBA draft. I was at the barbershop and someone said the same thing they die in 3's. I laughed and said more than 3 cats probably died in Compton today does that count or do they have to be famous?

Either way a death is a death enjoy people while they're here as anyone can go at any time.

Big Don said...

The one we are really going to mourn is Chuck Berry, whose time is getting close . There is true musical genius: He wrote the music, wrote the lyrics, sang and played the lead instrument on numerous Top-40 hits. No other performer has ever done that...