Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quality Of Life

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Is Utopia even possible?
Or is it even desirable?
What is Utopia for one group is usually a living hell for another.
The above lifestyle can only be accomplished by another group having to be subjugated.
There is a need to have workers and those who will enjoy the fruits of another man's labors.
Not everyone can be millionaires - otherwise the economy based on money becomes worthless.
And this is seen as "progress".

Or we could use a modern Japanese village model.
No mega-plex movie theatres, no malls, no dependence upon more than we can produce.

But how many people (already used to the comforts of our modern society) would choose this lifestyle?
Is it easy to force this lifestyle on those with control over the armies to fight against it?
Or is it easier to fight against this lifestyle with the tools of modern society?

Mr Ford's mistake in Brazil, Hannibal's mistake during the Punic wars, George Bush's mistake in the Middle East, and my own mistake in dealing with my tenants - was in overestimating the value of "strength" - and underestimating the value of each man's (or culture's) desires.

If the man, country, culture or any group is not ready to make the changes - the changes can't be made.
And when the choice comes down to doing what is best and doing what is comfortable - comfort usually wins.


FreeMan said...

First thanks for putting up the link it was a interesting read. Everyone who starts anything with the belief that they are going to civilize another is starting off on the wrong foot. People never do what's best they do what benefits them in the end. A smarter person will ask where is the group he wants to change aspirations and take it up step by step. At the same time he will change the kids because they are not set in their ways. So even if he failed with the first generation the second will be a success as they know a new way.

If Utopia is what is best then it has to be taught at a younger age. Just like they teach how to care for animals or be sensitive to gays they try to get it into the younger people so the new age will comeabout. Ford failed because he didn't even research it, he wanted to have a win win but it would have been easier for him to build the rubber plant where rubber grows and educate and modernize the people of that area. Just look at how the missionaries do it! They go to build a well but they also build a church, sooner or later the people think that God in that church brought them that water. It's a hell of a hustle!

uglyblackjohn said...

Yep, the people have to believe that they want to buy what is being sold.