Sunday, June 21, 2009

Most Religious Non-Religious Songs

1 - Public Enemy Show Em What Ya Got (It doesn't sing of begging for respect or approval - but of doing what you do and letting others marvel at your abilities.)
2- Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come (Sometimes you're not in the mood to fight. Sometimes you just have enough energy to hope.)
3 - L.L. Cool J. Mama Said Knock You Out (Again... Just say "Effum" and keep on going.)
4 - Ben E King Stand By Me (Nothing beats a good friend in a time of need.)
5 - M People - Always (A nice little dance ditty. I like the hook. I like the commitment of "Always" instead of "Only when things are going well".)

Since the intent of Gospel music is to inspire - My Gospel may be different from your Gospel.
If music is prayer to one's god (or God) - one's choice of music determines one's god.
If music can produce an emotional response - this emotional response produces a physical response.
If one's choice is songs of sex, money and murder - these become one's gods.
If one chooses power, faith and justice - the same rules apply.
If one chooses love - love becomes the god being serenaded.

I hate traditional Gospel - It fails to inspire me.
Sure I could have included many more songs to the list - most songs by Rage Against the Machine come to mind - but I wanted to be somewhat concise.
I had to create my own mental soundtrack.


RiPPa said...

Show 'em What You Got by Public Enemy is truly spiritual.

brohammas said...

Running Away by Bob Marley
Till I'm Laid to Rest by Buju Banton
Royal Flush by Big BOi, feat Andre 3000
GOD by Common and Ceelo
Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil
Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2

FreeMan said...

I Really Mean It - Diplomats
Soon as I get Home - Faith Evans
I Wish - Carl Thomas
Wake Up Sunshine Remix - Brand Nubian
Hit Em Up - Tupac & Outlaws

I have so many but these are the songs that kind of take me back a bit.

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