Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Had To Laugh

Most everyone has seen the YouTube post with young Israelis who were angered over Barack Obama's recent visit to the Arab countries of the Middle East.
After the killing of a Black guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. by James Von Bruun - I would love to ask the guy at 0:53 if this is what he meant by, "White power. Fuck the Nigger(S)."
Maybe the young Jewish kids and the Aryan Brotherhood are finally working together.
Or the guy who said that Obama should be shot (earlier in the clip) - maybe Mr. Von Bruun thought that all Blacks look alike.

And then the news shows a 72 year old woman being tasered by Texas police officers.
And she wasn't even Black.
(IMO - Many police officers are cowards who hide behind their weapons)


D.J. said...

You have been watching MSNBC....I saw the same stories in the same order

DPizz said...

PoPo are just power tripping Mofo's with badges and guns. Not all, thank God, but a lot. These are guys that really didn't get respect in any other way, so they join the forces so they can try and flex, and with impunity - even when they are caught on video blatantly using excessive force, they manage to still get off....fucking incredible!

FreeMan said...

Most of the police I know are good guys but when you see so much shit they tend to go with it. People tend to forget that when you give some people power over others most will tend to lose their God damn mind.

Obama can't win as if he talks to the Jews the Arabs are mad. If he talks to the Arabs Jews are mad. Then both say he isn't doing as much as he should and his words don't carry any weight.

Then this story of a black guy dying at a Holocaust Museum protecting it from a white supremacist. You can't make this shit up but somehow Obama will be blamed this weekend. Somehow Obama presidency is causing all the crazies to act crazier. Obama is like the only black guy around when something gets stolen. He is the logical lazy reason why shit doesn't work!

RunningMom said...

...yet most of us voted for him! There are ALWAYS going to be haters, the Obama presidency might bring out the worst in some because now that things are visibly changing, they are in a bit of a panic. But we all knew this was going to happen didn't we?

These people have always been around. They will continue to be around, they will continue to shoot up schools, murder 20 women, kidnap and rape children, beat and kill homosexuals, paint swastika's on streets and homes, blame it on the black guy, etc.

Just because they are Jewish doesn't mean they can't be racist... but mostly I just see them as young, stupid and ignorant to understand the meaning and power of their words and actions.

cinque said...

Great Post, I have said before, I don't care how good most police officers are, if they see one of their fellow officer engaged in brutality or corruption and do nothing they are just as bad as the offenders.(did I hear someone say"Blue Wall of Silence"??)

Mr. Noface said...

There are a lot of those "power tripping" types in our nation's police forces. There should really be a screening process for those personality types, as I feel that people like that should not be given a badge much less guns or tazers (hell, I wouldn't eve let them have a spit-ball).