Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop Lying

Barack Obama is NOT God.
(Or the Messiah, or the Anti-Christ, or Superman, Or...whatever.)
And speaking against his policies does NOT make one a Sell-Out.
Honestly speaking, his term in office is too short to tell the effectiveness of his policies.

But what else do we lie about?

I have a group of cousins who always seem to speak a bit too loud.
When I noticed that their mother had lost most of her hearing by not wearing her protective earplugs over years of working at a local refinery - the situations made sense.
The grandmother was old and a little hard of hearing.
One of the children also had a hearing problem.
One of the grandchildren was born premature and failed to fully develop his ability to hear.
In this household, everyone had to be loud.
Being loud became their normal.
But when I asked them to get their hearing checked - they declined for fear of appearing handicapped.
But the thing is; the fear of appearing handicapped actually caused a problem of being handicapped.

But the bigger problem was in the child who was born premature.
Preemies usually have developmental problems and learning disabilities.
When I would help the kid with his homework, he had problems focusing.
Ritalin was their answer - ADD was the problem. (Imagine the shame of a family having a mildly retarded child.)
The kid may have been ADD, but the codling and excuse making of the family wasn't the solution.

Every year, the kid would have problems passing his classes at school and his teachers had to be begged to let the him advance to the next grade level.
Every year, his teachers would relent.
When I recommended remediation - the family declined for fear of the kid appearing slow of wits.
The kid never should have graduated from high school.
His level of comprehension in standard subjects is that of a sixth grader.
So their response to the fear of the kid appearing dumb... actually caused the kid to be dumb.

Their lying about their situations (calling that which is bad - 'good') actually made their situations worse.

Kia Malone (The Daily Buzz), Sherry Sheperd (The View) or Mo'Nique are NOT sexy.
IMO - They are almost beastly.
They are not good examples of African-American beauty.

Alan Keyes is NOT the Right's smart answer to Barack Obama.

Ray Nagin, Marion Barry or Kwame Kilpatrick may dress like Night Daddies - But they are NOT competent.
(Why do we often re-elect incompetent officials? Because they are Black?)

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton may have once been able to make a difference - But they are NOT relevant.
Clarence Thomas is NOT progress.
Maybe we should stop trying to protect other Black people just because they are Black.
Maybe we should be honest and call that which is bad "Bad" - and then maybe we will have better examples of that which is good.


brohammas said...

Kwame and Monique, this post was like a root canal without the meds.

Best audio clip I ever heard wad Kwame giving a speach where he was pulling the "wo is me" race card and got booed by an all black crowd.

RunningMom said...

I'm so glad Kwame isn't representing Detroit anymore. And he is a dumb ass. He could have done a lot of good, but he never got past his "big fish in a little pond" and power-hungry mentality.

Mr. Noface said...

Whoa whoa whoa… that’s too much truth and honesty in a single post, for us to swallow. We masses must be spoon fed this VERITAS, in small bites (y'know, develop a taste for it).

Really though, I agree with almost every example that you pointed out in this post (especially those shifty politicians and nigh irrelevant activists). My only point of contention is in regards to Kia Malone.

After Googling and finding more images of her, I'll agree that she may not be a "looker" but surely she is not so brutish as to be compared to the likes of Mo'Nique and Sherry Shepard.

Citizen Ojo said...

WOW!!! You are on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Sherry Shepard could bring her game up if she stopped acting ignorant..just an opinion.

Max Reddick said...

I could never understand DC reelecting a mayor who was caught on tape doing crack in a hotel room with a hooker. You told a hard truth. Thanks.