Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tacky Christmas

Today, Christmas is overly designed.
Everyone has matching lights, wreaths, trees and presents.
But in creating such perfect images, are we missing the point?

While looking at neighborhood lights, the tacky decorations seemed to be the ones on which the children were most fixated.
Not the homes with the endless nets on the shrubs, not the homes with yards of icicles, not the traditional homes with color coordinated decorations - but the homes with the most gaudy displays of Holiday Cheer.
Even the wanna'-be-gangsta' boys found comfort and ease in the ugliest displays imaginable.
Maybe we've become so successful and urbane that we've ruined Christmas for those to whom it is most important.
Maybe Christmas belongs to the kids.


doll said...

I am staying with my parents this Christmas and they have very tasteful decorations that could be in a spread for Homes and Gardens. I am really missing all the home-made tree decorations that I made with my children or that they bought home from school.

FreeMan said...

Blame it on Disney and that damn Street Parade LMBAO! It's just another middle class competition that goes on when people are bored and they want to be known for the best decorations. If they aren't middle class they just put a whole bunch of shit all over the place and then they take false pride in being the dumbass of the block.

brohammas said...

Kids dont care if it matches... they want fun and wonder.

Martha stewart doesnt know a thing about either of those.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ doll - My home is very tasteful.
Even the people I mentor have homes that could be in "Ghetto Homes and Garden"
It seems that the meme is Brown and Blue this year. - even for po' folk.

@ FreeMan - After watching the reactions of my cousins, I kinda' miss the 'dumbass on the block'.

@ brohammas - Kids dont care.
It's like going on "It's a Small World" at Disneyland.
When one is a child - the ride is great.
As one gets older - one notices that the ride is held together by tape and strings.

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