Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mormons > Pac 10 > Catholics

If I were to write the Pac Ten's results in bowl games in the form of an equation - it would appear that the the Mormons would come out on top.

Las Vegas Bowl - BYU 44 - Oregon St. 20 - What a shame, it seems the Mormons decided to take back their old trail from the land in which it terminates.
Poinsettia Bowl - Whotah? 37 - Cal 27 - Okay brohammas... the Utes got lucky.
Emerald Bowl - USC 24 - Boston College 13 - The Trojans sweep the Catholics this year and ex Trojan's quarterback Mark Sanchez dashes Peyton Manning's dream of an undefeated season in the same week?
Okay, I'm back on the Trojan's bandwagon.

Now lets see how the rest of the Pac Ten does in it's upcoming bowl games against the heathens.

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brohammas said...

I was waiting for this one.
Lucky isn't really fair. Luck is when the other team misses the winning field goal, they fumble, or you trip and fall into the end zone. My guys were just lucky their opponent sucked that day.

I am however, impressed by your math.

oh yeah,Merry Christmas.