Friday, December 11, 2009

To Purell, or Not To Purell?

Is our country filled with Hypochondriacs,
or are we just feeling guilty about something?

I used to date a stripper who was addicted to hand sanitizers.
Wherever we went, she always had to rub her hands with Purell.
Even after a shower, she'd rub the stuff all over her body.
When I asked her whether she was feeling guilty about her profession and whether she was attempting to wash away her guilt (Lady Macbeth, "Out damn'd spot! out, I say!") - she had to pause to think.

I'm no fan of these products - I prefer old fashioned soap and water.
But many people imagine that they are clean, when really... they are just sanitized.
It's like bleaching ones teeth without cleaning off the plaque.
Sure, ones teeth will be whiter.
But the plaque remains.
Or like bleaching a toilet.
Okay, the bacteria may be killed - but the grime which grows bacteria remains.

But if you're going to be all Lady Macbeth-like, try a local product called, "Invisible Armour"
The product comes in an alcohol free lotion which protects against Staph, MSRA, Vibrio, ect. for up to four hours (even with subsequent hand washing).

(Nah... this isn't an advertisement.
But yes FreeMan, this company was founded by and is run by a Black woman.)


Max Reddick said...

I recently read a report that said that because of our increased use of such products, germs and bacteria are producing new and ever stronger stands.

FreeMan said...

Alright UBJ thanks for getting in the Blacks in Business spirit. I'm trying to overwhelm our own folks by how many people are making money who are unrelated to entertaining.

I dated a woman who put on this Purell and then put on lotion like she had some ticks. Women are a big damn chemistry set full of chemical reactions that only they are aware of.

When I was young my mother said we might have to eat dirt to be tough. It's like people don't think they ate bugs in their burgers. It's like people don't realize that McDonalds shake probably has a roach in it. Look I went to get a burger when I was a teenager and saw a mouse run across the bottom of the table! Did I stop eating my burger HELL NO!

Like Max said I wouldn't doubt that kids are becoming more sick because they weren't out there eating dirt.

Midlife Minx said...

We are in a world of delusional "Nice Nasty" folks. I'm a soap n water kinda of girl myself. But I do use the sanitized stuff on occasion. In this world of germs, bugs, bacteria, I just pray up and wash up. Great site.

uglyblackjohn said...

When I was a kid and something (food or candy) fell on the ground - we (as did a lot of people) would just "Kiss it up to God" and keep eating.

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