Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Worst Idea Ever

With it's longer nights, the Winter is the time when a lot of people decide to open night clubs and bars.
During a recent conversation with an investor, concepts of themes for such a club popped up in the discussion.
As I noticed a crackhead walking the streets in search of a trick to fund her habit - I cracked that the guy should open a tiddie bar but with women who would be considered unattractive by most standards.

Instead of pretty and fine women - he should have crackheads, meth tweakers and heroin addicts as his entertainment.
Since strip clubs really sell the illusion of availability - these women would lower the standard and increase a man's expectation of "getting lucky".
Imagine a strip club filled with Anorexic women.

And women who've had one or both breasts removed.

And amputees.

And extremely obese women.

And even midgets.
I know, I know... . This concept treats these women as performers in a side show.
But what do normal strip clubs do?
Don't these types of women deserve to be desired for their particular types of beauty?
As I explained this concept (Mostly in jest.) - the investor warmed to the concept.
I don't know if it will get off the ground.
But if it does, I'll post some photos of the talent.


FreeMan said...

This by far is the grossest post you ever made. I had to finish eating first before I earled on the fish tacos.

You wouldn't get anyone in the door to make money but you could as a weird pitstop for tour buses.

RainaHavock said...

This has to be the worst and grossest idea I ever heard. Where you smoking or something when you thought this up?

CNu said...

UBJ is truth.

accept no substitutes...,

CareyCarey said...

Although this may sound weird, I think Uncle Black could be on something. I mean, his plan has potential.

Well, he did go a little extreme, but from my understanding and experience, tricks (johns) are not looking for a wife.

See, I've been around a few ho's and I'm not talking about from the purchasing side. You can forget about "Pretty Woman" and Richard Gere. That's storybook sh*t.

Men that buy sex (companionship), do so for a variety of reasons. The reason are too many to mention but it's not always about sex. Some want to feel like they are a match for the woman, and since men come in all flavors, it only makes sense that the woman be the same.

Some of the best (companions) hookers/ho's/ mud stompers,ladies of the night, a man wouldn't take home to their mothers. But they are the best at what they do.

One can only imagine the array of sex acts that humans can perform. Some women only perform a small segment of that. Many wives do not even give head. A midget can do that while standing up.

And again, many men that buy a woman, doesn't even want sex. Some just want to watch a woman do some freaky ass sh*t. Watching 2 women is double their pleasure.

Here's another secret. A side note: Many average housewives turn tricks. They are in a marriage or a relationship but don't feel as if their partner really desires them. So, that need is filled by strangers. They feel needed and wanted. AND, they have the oppurtunity to live some of their own sexual dreams. Believe it or not, some men don't flip and flop their wives. And some woman want to be treated real nasty. So again, they can get nasty buck wild in the arms of a stranger.

Obese men feel more comfortable around fat chicks.

Some men like anal sex. Some women run from it. And you don't have to look at a woman's face while she's being plugged from behind. Any skinny rock head can bend over and smile.

Hey, who said you have to take her to the ball.

Mr. Noface said...

This idea sounds gross to folks like us, but if the internet has taught us anything, it's that there is a market for anyone. You'd be surprised by the number of people who consider one of the above types of women are their "dream girl".

RainaHavock said...

@Mr.Noface: So true. My friend was telling me the rules of the internet and one was I think rule #38: If you can think it there is porn of it.

uglyblackjohn said...


I was just joking about the concept but the investor thought it had potential.
The more wild I got, the more it seemed to make sense to him.

I'm not calling these women freaks, I'm only saying that the old Freak Shows at the carnivals used to always get traffic.
I'm sure most of the women pictured would love to have someone think of them as sexy.
(And my definition of sexy may be different than another man's.)

(*Carey - Ummm.... That is a lot of information to glean from only watching movies.)

Freckles said...

dude. seriously. dude.
that is all I got.