Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WTF? Strippers, Sex and Golf

(Stripper providing lap dance at Cherry Valley Golf Course)

" Damn... some people just eff it up for everybody."

This is what the PGA golfer, commenting on Tiger Woods' personal life, must have been thinking in his recent comments stating that golfers were more moral than other athletes.
Did I miss something?
A bunch of guys who travel across the country who chase a little white ball around for a living surrounded by nothing but other guys don't enjoy a little R&R on occasion?
He must have been trying to explain his long absences to his wife.
Hmmm... seems to be a case of "Whoever smelt it, dealt it".

Lets take a look;
June 14, 2002 - Hidden Valley Golf Course - Norco, California
Tournament organizers feature prostitutes and strippers who provide their services in tents provided by the tournament.
June 3, 2007 - Lucas County Democrat Golf Outing - Toledo, Ohio
Golf outing features strippers providing drinks and "entertainment".
June 26, 2007 - Cherry Valley Golf Course - Pocono
Strippers provide lap dances for golfers (Top photo).
June 26, 2008 - Broomfield - Colorado
Strippers (hired to provide caddie services) and children (ages 7-12) cross paths on day that course officials claimed a scheduling oversight.

The only golfer keeping it real is golf's original Bad-Boy John Daly. (pictured above)
Daly stated that the only reason PGA golfers were beating up on Woods in the Press was because they couldn't beat him on the golf course. (Or even when it comes to women.)

But golf isn't a pristine and innocent sport.
Just check out John Daly and his alcoholic past.
Or his gambling addiction.
He even stated that the PGA tour is filled with golfers who use cocaine.
(The PGA just had it's 1 year anniversary for drug testing it's athletes for illegal drugs, alcohol or steroids. Really? Even Olympic Curling has been testing it's athletes for decades?)

What about golf's greatest ambassador Jack Nicklaus stating that Blacks have "different muscles that react in different ways'?
Isn't this a racist remark?
And do I even have to bring up Augusta and Fuzzy Zoeller?

So let's see...
Golf is a sport that has racists, drug users, alcoholics, gamblers and Johns - but it has the most moral group of athletes?
Golf and hookers/strippers go together like it's clubs and balls.
(But don't tell anyone this secret - you'll just eff it up for everyone else.)


Mr. Noface said...

Cocaine and Golf?? Really?? *insert cleverly sarcastic comment here*

I was never one to mistake golf for an athletic sport (even after Tiger came on the seen), but I know an old boys club when I see one. One thing old boys clubs are known for is mantra of sex, drugs, and exclusion.

The only way that Tiger messed things up for golf (particularly the PGA) was by declaring that he would be taking an indefinite leave from the "sport".

Freeman said...

No matter what kind of men's social club is ever created there will always be this stripper darkside. It happens in damn near all other men social circles so why not there.

You can dress up a trick and give him a golf club but that doesn't change the fact that he is a trick.

Reggie said...

There are no perfect men, only perfect intentions. Golfers are just men, like everyone else. Perfection doesn't and isn't suppose to reside there.

This thing about Tiger Woods has been blown way out of proportion, it's just a story about a man that cheated on his wife. Which makes it a cautionary tale that should involve the husband and wife and no one else.

I live on a golf course; and yet I've never played a round in my life. When strippers start caddying at this golf course, I'll start playing the next day.

Max Reddick said...


Sorry I had to post here, but I'm looking for your email and cannot find it. Can you hit me up at max.reddick@gmail.com

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Reggie - We have girls on the beer carts at our local muni-course.
But yeah... strippers would be better.