Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Whom Do You Owe Success?

I could never be famous,
I don't really like a lot of people.
I know a whole lotta' people and can generally be considered as popular in most circumstances - even in the most hostile environments.
Even when trying to blend in - I almost always get a lot of attention.
But the odd thing is; I eschew attention.

It this because I feel some sort of inadequacy or insecurity?
Is this based on the fear of being perceived as 'less than' my finely honed persona?
Maybe, but I'll often openly admit my faults and shortcomings.
I know that I can be effed up sometimes.
In fact (sometimes) quite often.
So no, this can't be the case.
I have little interest in being "The Man".
(Except when I'm around those who I feel are at least my equal in any given situation. In this case, it's just fun to play around without the fear of bringing someone else to harm.)

But is remaining in my comfort zone of anonymity just me being selfish?
Could I accomplish more of my goals if I place myself in an uncomfortable role of "The Man"?
Would fame afford me the tools to help more people in a more efficacious manner?
Is it my social responsibility to perform at my highest levels at all times - even risking burnout?
Am I hiding my Biblical light under a bushel and preventing others from taking advantage of my light?

I'm not asking these questions to set myself up as being "The Man".
I'm just a regular guy doing regular things.
But is being "Regular" doing a disservice to my people?
Do I owe it to others to be as successful as possible?


FreeMan said...

Damn Johnny! You are asking the questions I ask myself. I like to comfortably float into and out of situations as I please. I don't mind being challenged as long as it's not a covert way of shitting on me. I like the freedom of not being tied into any real social structure. I just tell myself that I must like my independence.

Fame and Expectations go hand in hand. (Ask Tiger) and you have to weigh being effective. I wonder if I can just jump in make a big noise and then go back into hiding. More and more I feel like I am forced to a role I don't really want but am smart enough to know will be better for all. Damn Sacrficial Lamb/Martyr theory be fu**ing me up.

uglyblackjohn said...

Like whether it'll do more good to go on the road and inspire others.