Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Modern Family Invention

I gotta' give it to Nintendo and it's Wii - this gadget went against the grain and decided to offer family friendly games instead of high-tech games geared towards men.
(Although I do prefer the PS3 Blu-Ray player.)

This past Christmas, instead of giving gifts to each child in the dysfunctional families I help out, I gave the head of household a Wii gaming system and an extra controller setup ($80 bucks for a primary controller, Nunchuck controller, and a gel motion cover? WTF?).

These single mothers seemed confused by this choice of gifts.
What were they going to do with a kid's gaming system?
But as their son's were able to teach them something while creating their avatars, these mothers began to engage their sons in a way that many haven't been able to since many were young boys.

Instead of each family member being in their own rooms doing their own things - these families began to once again communicate.
These mothers seemed to enjoy their new found ability to knock their sons to the ground in the systems boxing game.
These mothers seemed to enjoy teaching their sons how to plan their way around a golf course.
These boys seemed to enjoy having an attentive mother.

But something odd happened.
Most of the families ended up going outside to play real tennis at the local park (I'd given the kids tennis rackets on prior Christmases), or going to the local park to shoot baskets, or going to the bowling alley for a few games.
Most of these families had forgotten how to have fun with each other.


RainaHavock said...

I love the Wii me and my big bro and big sis would stay till 4 in morning playing it.

CNu said...

nicely done santa john...,

brohammas said...

Your Wii review may cause my wife to lift the video game ban at my home.

MErry Christmas to me!