Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Taste Is A Highly Subjective Thing..."

A sagacious blogger stated.

I understand that.
But visual tastes are more complex than what the eye can see.
Ones tastes in preferences for potential partners are similar to that of ones tastes in foods - which go beyond the usually simple tastes of sweet, hot, sour or bitter that are generally associated with foods.
Our preferences in tastes in foods/women can also be determined by what one craves, what the body tells the brain it needs.
Tastes in foods/women can also be influenced by that to which one has been exposed.
Some people love Chitterlings - some, not so much.
Some people love ethnic foods - others don't.
Some people like cooking that tastes like their mother's - some don't like their mothers cooking.
One man's cuisine can be another man's slop.

But a quick sampling of my current list of newscaster hotties includes many types of women who seem to be a variation of the same model.
Since I moved to this undereducated and over-fat market - an attractive, well spoken and fit woman seems to be all that I can focus on while watching television.

So here's a quick run-down of the hottest Black newscasters on television.
(Yes, there are a lot of beautiful non-Black newscasters too. But for the sake of space, I'll limit this list to Hot Black Newscasters.)

Bloomberg - Zahra Buton (pictured above) makes the list.
Monica Bertran fails to make the cut.

CBS News - Michelle Miller and Debbye Turner make the cut.
While Rene Syler, Chagnion Antoine, Stacey Tisdale, Aleen Sirgany, Gwen Beltran, Thalia Assuras and Priya David miss being listed among the elites.

ABC News - Robin Roberts and Linsey Davis make my short list.
While Maya Kulycky and Deborah Roberts fall short.

CNN has a strong showing with Fredericka Whitfield, Richelle Carey and Soledad O'Brien.
While the likes of Stephanie Elam, Femi Oke, Brenda Berard, Kareen Wynter, Valerie Morris, Monica McNeal, Lola Ogunnaike, Natisha Lance add a strong back-up group.

NBC currently leads all takers with my girl Jenna Wolfe, Tamron Hall, Christina Brown and Hoda Kotb.
But Rehema Ellis, Tracie Potts, Rosiland Jordan, Allison Stewart and Sharon Epperson come up short.

The odd this is - I had assumed that ESPN's Sage Steele, Lisa Salters, Rescheal Canidate, Jemele Hill,
or The Weather Channel's Betty Davis, Vivian Brown or Tetiana Anderson would have made my cut.
MY list includes women with fake tiddies (which I hate), small tiddies and no tiddies.
MY list includes some who would be thought too old and some who would be thought too young.
MY list includes some who could be thought too short and some too tall.
My list is just that - "MY list".
But yes... I think these women are my current ideal of beauty.


FreeMan said...

Well they are all doing a good job of representing professionalism and sensuality. Until you listed them all I didn't realize how many Black women there are on TV. I know all of them so that's a whole hell of a lot of representation.

uglyblackjohn said...

I didn't realize that there were that many either.
Maybe it's a result of "The Obama Effect".

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

dude you got to have Monica Bertran in there ... can't be cuttin' Monica

Anonymous said...

Robin Roberts? Uh,OK.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Annon. - Yup... She's a tall drink of water.

jim said...

the ones you picked and the ones you rejected are all pretty nice - didn't see Janice Huff in there (adorable)

bob kunigonis said...

Aloha CHRISTINA :) hb