Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Grey Matter Dark Matter?

Most people accept that the majority of light is non-visible.
Still more accept the idea that we only use about 5% of our brain's potential.

And with the Universe consisting of 70% Dark Energy and 26% Dark Matter - it would seem that we are only able to identify about 5% of it's contents.
Is our understanding of Dark Energy and Dark Matter related to the development of our Grey Matter?
When primitive man only understood his local surroundings - was his brain operating at even less than our current 5%?


FreeMan said...

I really don't even understand how they can quantify the percentage or brain used. Sometimes these scientists make up a lot of weird shit.

Sometimes people want to know what GOD is thinking and then they make up crazy shit. One has to wonder if the scientist 100 year ago were admired for quantifying the unquantifiable are we doing the same exact thing with these quacks. Theories that are proposed in our current times are still just theories. None will be proven right until we are long gone from this earth but they are given validity only because we like to brand our philosophers scientists when they can't quantify shit either.

Anonymous said...

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