Friday, December 11, 2009

"They Never Should've Gave (sic) You Nigga's Money!"

From Jack Johnson, to OJ, , to Barry Bonds to Michael Jackson, to Tiger Woods and probably to Barrack Obama. (And a lot more in between.)
What do these men have in common?

Each of these men were seen as anomalies and as a credit to their race.
Each of these were set up to be role models and examples of what is possible.
But each of these men were/are still human.
Each of these men had/has flaws.

But why are their downfalls so "newsworthy"?
The simple answer is that their downfalls were to be expected.
Their successes were not seen as the norm, and each was expected to return to his "natural state".
So when these anomalies are returned to their natural way of being - those who were jealous could quip, "I told you so.".


Mr. Noface said...

Yeah, I can see that. Folks aren't marveling at their success (though they can't help but take note) instead they're patiently waiting for them to fail (as if it were an inescapable inevitability).

CNu said...

I think the discrepancy occurs when a man receives monetary rewards in the form of a windfall - all out of proportion to his age, effort, and actual, tangible, self-made achievement.


I can only imagine the manifold ways I might have lost my muhphuggin mind had I come upon a billion while still at the peak of my testosterone production and impulsivity...,

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

John, so true. Jealousy reigns supreme, not only in the hearts of the racist, but all of mankind.

FreeMan said...

What makes it interesting to me is how viscous these pundits are when talking about him. I'm really waiting on someone to fight back and start exposing these guys because it's not like the POPE ordains the people casting dispersion.

It comes with the game and they chose to play it. If you have to remain perfect in order to be accepted, then if you mess up you have to emasculate yourself, then you have to apologize to people who don't matter at all then why play the game.

I guess the money is worth it but to have crawl back on your hands and knees to get it is a helluva price to pay.

RiPPa said...

Let's face it: the media machine is the engine of our voyeuristic curiosities. In the emortal words of my man IceCube, "They'll have a new nigger next year."