Friday, October 1, 2010

Those Who Can't Teach, Do

Okay, I'm dumb.
If the paraphrased George Bernard Shaw axiom, "Those who can't do, teach." is correct, maybe the inverse is also true.
I think I've wasted time, money and resources trying to educate a population which wasn't ready to learn.
I forgot a step taught in teaching circles for the effective transfer of knowledge.
1 I tell
2 I do
3 You do
I forgot that most people are monkeys who do what they see others doing.
If these monkeys never see something being done, they have nothing to imitate.
Regardless of whether what I was saying was true or not - I forgot to actually do something.

I thought I was being selfless by focusing on others.
It's what I wanted to do - but it is not what needed to be done.
What was needed was someone to actually lead by example.
If that meant that I should build a company from scratch, that's what needed to be done.

Working for fun or for free was a bad example.
I was practicing the beliefs from the middle-ages that if knowledge was a gift from God, it was unjust to charge for it.
I forgot that people see things which are free as worthless while things which are overpriced are seen as priceless.
And what is more beyond the price of rubies than knowledge?

In doing too much for others I robbed them of the character needed to survive when my help was no longer available.
In doing too much, I hindered the progress and efficiency of those I was trying to help.
Maybe being selfish is (in some situations) being selfless.


Anonymous said...

What the? FreeMan finally got to you? well done Mr. FreeMan, well done.

Citizen Ojo said...

Or maybe they were lazy??

Freeman said...

I'll take a bow but UBJ is his own man and I had nothing to do with it...

Character is the key as that's what you want to build no matter how it manifests. We need some tough titty kids to say F-U and then tell you they'll do it their way. I think without that we just have what Robert Kiyosaki has and that's a whole bunch of uninspired drones waiting for instruction.

Do you UBJ as whether you know it or not they just want to be you. Keep building and being smart and you'll see they'll ask how and that's when you can teach them. Talk to them in terms of money and not in terms of a lesson and you'll get a hell of lot more people.

People want to be friends with the sage but the sage must keep producing otherwise the followers will think they know enough. You have a lane in life and I suggest you build something so massive that when you speak there will be crowds asking for autograph to the program.

Some are born shepherds others are sheep. Someone has to show them the way because the shepherd never could speak sheep and doesn't want to crawl on all fours anyway.

Oh yeah personally I always admire that you keep tinkering with the toys. I'm learning a lot from what you do. It's not a one size fits all solution but we need to keep tinkering til we find the one that moves the masses and the asses will follow the masses.