Monday, October 25, 2010

Would You Choose Death?

I have friends who are/were paralyzed, have AIDS, have/had Cancer..., whatever the ailment or condition, I seem to know someone who has/had it.
While reading Desertflower's ( ) posts about her Cancer treatments, I had to ask, "Is it worth it?".
I recently had a neighbor die from Cancer after years of treatment.
This woman had gone through years of treatment only to die with a year of her being 'cured'.
Wouldn't this woman have been better off enjoying the last years of her life instead of suffering through the majority of them?
Couldn't her time spent in clinics, hospitals and treatment centers been better used to build positive memories with her friends family?
Couldn't the money spent been better used for family vacations?
I know that most people will do anything to increase their lifespan - but what if the price was your quality of life?


D.Freeman said...

I think people just don't like to accept the end. So if the alive is in a horrible state they prefer that than a good year knowing this might be your last.

I can't tell you how I would react as I think it's a being in that position thing. It's the same way when someone pulls a gun on you some people are terrified and some people accept their fate and are willing to die trying.

uglyblackjohn said...

I have a younger brother with AIDS.
The treatments were making him sick so he stopped.
He then changed his diet and lifestyle and has lived with the illness for over seven years now.
He is not sickly from the AIDS and doesn't suffer from it's treatments.
He says that he is better off without subjecting himself to these treatments and has decided to let nature take it's course.
He doesn't choose to die, but instead, chooses to live by his his standards.

Anonymous said...

Hi UBJ! I know what you mean. I am beginning to ponder this topic myself. I agree with you completely! I'm nearing the end of my treatment and then I will see whats what. But I don't think I'm willing to subject myself to more horrendous radiation burning or chemo vomiting! I'd much rather, as you well say, spend my last days enjoying with my family to the extent that I could!

Thanks for the input, always appreciated.