Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Cross

 The Cross has been used as a religious and political symbol by many for centuries.
But what is the meaning behind such imagery?
 The Eastern crosses seem to possess a sort of fractal-like quality.
They seem to resemble an outgrowth of another cross from the foundation of the primary cross.
These crosses seem to symbolize more than just a church.
 These crosses seem to have some sort of esoteric meaning behind their design and usage.
 From the Rosicrucians we get the Rose cross.
These men thought of themselves as keepers of the light.
Judging by their association with Lutherism, Freemasonry and other esoteric beliefs - maybe they were.

There is a belief that if one converts from the Eastern Church to Catholicism, he will become a vampire.
If those from the East are truly the keepers of the true faith, what does that say about those who are ruled by the New Rome of the West and it's teachings?
While the vampire idea may seem silly at first - what would we call the Western philosophy that teaches one group should conquer another and then suck the livelihood from that culture?
Hasn't Roman-influenced Colonialism been a form of Vampirism?
Aren't our current political and economic practices forms of Vampirism?
Maybe the Vampire stories were meant as allegories warning us to stay away from the Western school of thought.
Maybe many of us cannot help it that we consume so much that we will eventually use up all of our resources.
Maybe, being from the West, it's just in our DNA.


CareyCarey said...

"The Cross has been used as a religious and political symbol by many for centuries.
But what is the meaning behind such imagery"

That's a good question. I had an intense discussion about this same subject with a few "Christain" friends of mine.

One suggested that if Jesus was killed by a shotgun, we'd all have small golden guns (on chains) hanging from our necks. :-)

I'll have to do more research on the vampire angle.

Reggie said...

Excellent post.

....but you forgot one cross, Hitler's twisted cross, the Swastika.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Reg - Yeah, the Swastika and the Yin-Yang symbol both share a symetrical form which may indicate the meaning behind their useage as well.
I'm sure their is some hidden meaning behind each symbol - I just have no idea what that meaning is.

DF said...

Carey had me laughing with the shotgun comment but I find it to be weird but true that the cross which is the symbol of Jesus' death is somehow a symbol of faith.

CareyCarey said...

Yeah man, somewhere along the line somebody flipped the script. Jesus didn't wear a cross. The cross was used by the Roman as a brutal way to die. They were basically saying to all that believed in him, watch him do his magic and jump down from that cross. And if he does not loosen thoses nails, while you're watching, look at the pain. It was a display of humiliation.

So although I used humor to move my point, there's a little truth in the mix.

DF said...

Yeah Bro. Carey that was ironical!

CNu said...

Don't forget about this one.

The cross of Lorraine is also used in the SABRE GDS (global distribution system), a computer program used by travel agents. It was also used in the Apollo and Worldspan global distribution systems, however, the latest versions of the Graphical user interfaces for both systems display it as a plus sign, while the latest Graphical user interface for Sabre displays it as a yen symbol.

Lot of odd miscellaneous uses and still odder interpretations....,

uglyblackjohn said...

@ SeeNew - Since reading some of your earlier posts I now seem to notice fractals in many things.