Monday, October 25, 2010

Bigger Is Not Better

 There was once a time when we struggled to feed ourselves.
This problem was largely solved by becoming more efficient producers of food.
But we have become too good at 'solving' this problem.
In an effort to cut costs while raising inventory - we now have a country filled with many overfed but undernourished citizens.
 Yet, this is not a problem - we have medicines for that.
Medicine was once only used to treat that which the body could not.
But then Big Pharma caught on to the concept of being 'better than nature' and cheaper too.
We now have many medications that cause more problems than they solve.
 But not to worry.
The populace would not care if they were slowly being killed off as long as they were entertained.
Surely the arts were the realm of the individual.
But how does one get his vision out to the masses?
Media companies have become so consolidated that one product is indiscernible from that of a 'competing' corporation.
How can six corporations control 94% of the media?
But things will be alright - we have our government to look out for us.
From the time of Washington until Ike - Presidents were often men who had placed their own lives at risk while defending their country.
But then party consultants noticed how an inexperienced, yet telegenic, JFK could beat Nixon for the Presidency.
The new tactic would be to present an image more than a message.
 In a land which claims individual rights as being paramount - when did we shift from men of character running the country to manufactured Manchurian Candidates running the country?
When did we begin to believe that "Bigger is Better"?
Didn't we already experience the failure of this concept with our recent bailouts of the "Too Big To Fail" auto industry and banks?


DF said...

Bigger is always Better if you're the Bigger cat and have the Bigger position. So the issue is Bigger isn't Better only when you are the small dude on the block - figuratively speaking.

uglyblackjohn said...

I understand that.
But I don't understand why we keep supporting "The Bgg Guy" when he's the one beating us up.
All those bailouts didn't benefit us - the Big Guy was just big enough to force his way up our collective butts.

DF said...

C'mon UBJ it's the blind belief of the American dream. They don't want to beat the big guy because their dumb ass believes one day they will be the big guy.

Joe the Plumber is the personification of the idiot believing in this dream.