Sunday, October 3, 2010


Is Reggie Bush effing you?
Your problem isn't really with Reggie Bush messing with a non-Black Kim Kardashian - your problem is that it is not you who is enjoying all the perks of being considered a "Hot Chick"
Vapidity aside, Kim is baad.
Kim just happens to possess many of the phenotypical traits (large eyes, lips, arse, breasts and a small waist with her own thick long natural hair) favored by a large number of men.
(Although, for me,  making a sex video with Ray J kinda' lowers her resale value a bit.)
 This envy could also be seen in many of those who were waiting for Tiger Woods to fail.
Most golf fans were (are)  middle class white guys with mundane lives married to homely wives.
But Tiger messed up the whole perception of golf.
How could this usurper ride in and steal all those titles, all those endorsements, ... all those white women who looked better than the women most golf fans have to look at everyday?
Most of those who hate on Tiger Woods are not really mad at him - they are just mad that they are not him.

 This envy is seen on the national level by many of those within the Tea Party Movement.
The game was seen as fair as long as one who was considered one of their own was running things.
Barack Obama is seen in much the same way as many view rap stars or athletes.
Each is seen as somehow having cheating the system.
Each is seen as undeserving and unqualified for their esteemed position in pop culture.

This explains much of the appeal of Sarah Palin.
Ms Palin is often championed as "one of us" or "one of our own" by her fans.
"She seems like someone I could have a beer with", some might say.
Sure, I'd have a beer with Sarah Palin - I would also have a beer with my drunk uncle Larry.
But I wouldn't let my druncle steer my car...
and I wouldn't let Sarah Palin steer the country.


Roschelle said...
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Roschelle said...

not hating on kim at all. aside from the fact that her butt is often mis-shapen, which legitimizes my skepticism about her ass being all that, i think she's got a mad hustle going on right now. no skills, no talent, no intellect - but she is gorgeous and has a wonderful body.

she epitomizes the one thing women have fought to move past for years - objectification

Reggie said...

Oh let me be clear, I love black women. Period, end of story. Reggie loves the black woman like a fat kid loves cake.

.....but Kim Kardashian is so gorgeous that the first time I saw her I wanted to suck her daddy's dick (in my best Richard Pryor).

Much of this, is penis envy at the lowest levels.......but don't white men realize that they won't always be on top?!? You'd think they'd hear that knocking at their back door. That loud knocking ain't going nowhere. It's there to stay.

Liam said...

kim would be beautiful to me if i never had the unfortunate experience of watching her during an interview. and as the ubj said...the whole ray j thing...damaged goods...bleh

most people, men and women are initially attracted to a person for some physical feature. u cant get an accurate sense of personality or intellect just by looking at someone standing there (most times) all in all beautiful women are fun to look at. and not so beautiful women are fun to talk to, well at least in my experience.