Monday, October 18, 2010

"I'm Special 'Because' I Am Black"

I said to a blogger who always seems to be from the "Tim Wise School of Race Relations".
She thought that I meant it as some weak-ass "I'm Black and I'm Proud" chant of self-affirmation.
But this is not the case.
As with many Black bloggers on the Internet, I grew up as a "token".
As the one (or one of the few) Black(s) in any given class, sport, job, church or activity.
Was I teased or harassed or oppressed?
I was Elegba all up in Valhalla.
I had to teach white guys 'how' be white and cool.
I had to turn down the girls the white guys would think about as they would masturbate.
I did/do a'ight.

So having never been a victim of oppression - but having benefited from liberal white culture, or White Guilt, or Affirmative-Action, mixed with my innate Black genetics - how could I be expected to have a victim-mentality?
Why wouldn't I feel special because I am Black?
Having done well under conditions which Blacks are often taught are not their own - why would I feel inferior?
If I can do well in my game as well as in your game - why would I acquiesce whenever confronted or doubted?
Since I don't rely on others based on race - why would I fear that someone else is going to do anything to or for me predicated on race?

 "But that's not how the world works.", some might say.
When was the last time race determined the outcome of your endeavors?
Be honest - could an undesired outcome be the effect of a lack of education, training or social skills?
Could you just be unattractive in a culture which celebrates attractive people.
I'm not just talking about "European Standards" - sometimes ugly is just ugly (and you might be that).
How often does race really play a part in what you are trying to do?
How many times have you benefited because of your race?
All-in-all - if you are equally qualified, has your race really held you back?
Or was it just your culture (or lack thereof)?


Liam said...

i have been denied a few things in life due to my race and or culture, but i wouldnt say that it held me back. i never been the type to waste time wondering 'why me' or kicking rocks about said denials.

it wasnt til i was on the other side being in charge of hiring that i realized personal prejudices play a major role in decision making, as i denied many applicants for things most would consider trivial but i consider valid.

all and all, though some things will slow you down, in most cases you decide what stops you.

D.Freeman said...

Like I always say there is so much room for the average Black man to create his own path that if we focused on creating businesses for ourselves we wouldn't feel any form of racism. We all know this country values money so let's jump in the game and make money so we have a real say in our lives.

Truth be told I have dealt with some racism but it's kind of bitter sweet as who would want to work under someone who hates you anyway. I'm always glad that I get to see some people's true colors.

What our race has is a million ignorant repeaters. They repeat ignorance in every walk of life so while racism might have happened to your grandma in the 40's it's not relevant to you in 2010. We are stuck in our own self imposed victimization as we just think it's there more than we check to see if it's there.

It's like someone looking in the mirror checking for flaws. Even though it's obvious we are just fine we walk out into the world cringing at what others will think of us.