Monday, October 18, 2010

"Black" Is O.K.

A white liquor rep sat at the bar handing out samples of her products to a group of "African Americans" and...
"African Americans"?, we asked.
"Huh...? What,,,? Wait...? "I didn't..!", she stammered as we all laughed.
"Just say Black.", I said.
"Black is good.", said a regular at the bar.
"Black is great.", I said.
"Well... you never know...", she replied.
"I know, I know.", I said, "That ish was made up by some insecure Bourgeoisie Negroes who felt the need to feel equal.", I continued.
"Negroes?", she asked.
"Ummm, no. YOU can say 'Negroes', but you can't", I said, "That would be like me calling you a 'Dago WAP'. I can't call you that but your other Italian friends could without any blow back.", I continued.
"Oh, okay. So Black is O.K.?", she said.
"Yeah, 'Black' is O.K..", I said, as she passed out samples of various liquors to delighted guests at the bar.


brohammas said...

Smash those egg shells man. Smash em.

DPizz said...

You know, as you seem to indicate in your post above, "I'm Special..", I think race is probably used too much as a cause for impeding one's path to success; however, this very post illustrates how race (and culture) can be significant at the most mundane levels. If race is playing a factor here on some trivial, every day shish, don't you think it plays a factor more frequently than your post above would suggest in other,more significant circumstances?

You seem to be making some distinction between race and cultural so let me add, in my opinion, race pretty much equals culture for MOST people if you don't have a college degree.