Thursday, October 28, 2010

Like 16:1-8

Having, myself, lived through the hood, gang fights, riots, natural disasters, police raids and the like - why is it important NOT to remove oneself from the people?
Having become too soft to dig and too proud to beg - of what use would most Americans be when our imagined Utopias become Dystopic?
Having become so dependent on technologies - what would most of us do when these niceties are no longer readily available?
In a world where lessons learned from past experiences, imagination and adaptability are the true tests of knowledge - of what use are esoteric philosophies?


DF said...

Sharpening ones skills or keeping ones ear close to the ground keeps them aware of the real reality that surrounds their everyday life. So many people have replaced with NEWS from foreign lands and take pride in knowing what's going on in Budapest than what's going on with their own son on the block.

Wisdom comes from the practical application of knowledge in real time not just knowing in and of itself.

brohammas said...

Quack, quack, quack!

CNu said...

Been a long time since I tried to explain this passage to muhphuggahs.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - People are afriad of the Boogey Man.
But if more people actually went out into the world they would would understand that there is really very little to fear and go about living there lives without the fear inspired flaws that hinder their progress.

@ brohammas - Duck, duck duck?
What's this? The opening lines of Malcolm McLaren's Buffalo Gals?

@ SeeNew - Sometimes (often) I'm fairly loose (lazy) with language.
What's thought to be esoteric is only so because for many it is beyong understnading.
For others this understanding seems to be more natural.
In the case of this post 'esoteric' should have been taken as meaning 'useless' - not as 'thruth'.