Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop Lying

Just type in "(fill in your pastor's name)" and "Scandal" - does your pastor's name come up?
If so, you may belong to the wrong church.

Is your ass broke while your pastor rides in a Bentley sedan or a Gulfstream jet?
Well, that "Name It and Claim It" shit is not Biblical.
Chances are that your pastor read "The Secret", is a member of Scientology or used to follow Werner Erhard and his Est teachings.
You also need to find a better church.

When pastors start preaching the same philosophies of the banking industry - you're in serious trouble.
When church leaders begin to act the same way as those they are supposed to correct - you're in serious trouble.
When your church membership is predicated on popularity - maybe it's time for your church to grow up.
When your church leaders begin to have the same values as the secular world - you may as well convert to the Eastern Orthodox church.
The sooner you start to hold your 'most respected leaders' accountable, the better off you will be.
The sooner you stop making excuses for your leadership - the sooner you will take control back from these used car salesmen,
C,mon... it's not that hard.
Chances are that members of your church are no better than those who don't even believe in God.
Just stop lying and start to do what you know is right.


Reggie said...

Leave the church alone John. How else are all those horny men going to meet so many boys in one place at one time?!?

All those child molesting motherfuckers ought to be hung!!!

brohammas said...

I usually refrain, or try to refrain, from getting into anyones religious "Amen" corner, but I'm with you here.
Might I add that people are all the same, but churches are not all the same.
I'm sure leaders of my church have or do many of the same things as leaders of other congregations... but they dont get to stay leaders after they get caught.

There is a time and place for open acceptance and a time and place for excommunication and repentence.