Monday, October 18, 2010

Grapes of Wrath

I have to laugh whenever I hear people complain that there are no jobs, that the economy sucks, or that they are trying to destroy the middle class.
The problem isn't that there are no jobs but that there are only jobs which nobody wants to do.
But that's why they call it work.
That's why they pay you to do it.

Not everybody can work for a movie studio and live on the hillsides of Southern California.
Some people have to settle for a small town in Nebraska while working at the local feed store.
Not everyone should have the newest TVs, cars and clothes - some people must settle for an old 35" TV, a three year old car and clothes bought from Sears.

But many Mexicans often get it right.
I'm no fan of illegal immigration but these immigrants get it.
Many hardworking immigrants sacrifice short term indulgences in favor of long term success.

In times past, when opportunities dried up in any given area of America, people moved.
Whether from the farm to the city, or from the Dust Bowl to California, or from Mexico to America - people moved to where the opportunities were.
In times past, people did not get paid to sit idly by while waiting for the economy to shift in their favor.
In times past, people went to where the work was and did the work which was available.

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