Thursday, October 21, 2010

Six Flags

 I'm no gangsta', I'm just a regular guy.
I'm not really a fan of today's most popular Rap, that is a lifestyle I'm trying to avoid.
But what is the appeal of Rap for so many who have no connection to such a life?
I meet so many boys from good families who think they want to be like Big Meech.
But in reality they don't want to suffer the same consequences, they only desire the same infamy and wealth.
Much like riding on a roller coaster at Magic Mountain, they only desire the illusion of danger.
Sure, people like to feel danger, as long as they know that they are safe.
How many daredevils do you know who will voluntarily ride a roller coaster that has a broken harness or worn out brakes?
People like to imagine themselves to be in danger but few actually put themselves in harm's way.

 Does Gangta' Rap pioneer Dr. Dre look as threatening in his World Class Wreckin Crew gear?
 Would you fear or respect Tupac while he performed The Humpty Dance?
Sure, Rick Ross had a hit singing about Big Meech but he chose a career on the other end of the criminal ladder.
(Although many could argue that cops and correctional officers are even more corrupt that street dealers.)

So what's the point of all this?
Only that it amazes me that some of the softest and most urbane Negroes seem to be those most drawn to the most violent and urban images of Hip Hop.


brohammas said...

I grew up in THE heart of wannabe gangsterism.
I got a Tongan buddy who lives in Inglewood. He used to complain all the time that he lived in the hood his whole life with no problems but those fools in Salt Lake would put a bullet in him.
Its cool to be tough and kids who live in a place that is by definition "soft" they spend all thier time looking for a way to prove they are hard.
Kid at another school used to run circles around us in football every year. Played against him since 6th grade; he had an offer from UW his junior year but the summer before our Sr. year he shot some kid at a concert talkin' about "TCG".
He's in the pen now.

CNu said...

Did Big Meech start sportin'em Paul Smiffs yet...?

D.Freeman said...

When I was in Sacramento and people found out I was from Compton I used to get challenged all the time over stupid stuff. Whenever I'm in a pretty safe city I always have to deal with the wannabe homo-thugs even when I'm just trying to be low key.

This is why you see so many people being Bloods nowadays cuz if they actually grew up amongst real ganglife they would just go to school.... like I did!

Mr. Noface said...

I used to want to "pretend" that I was dangerous and tough when I was a child, but then my neighborhood would constantly remind me what dangerous really was when things got real.