Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Does Not Make You That

 It is better to be than to seem - but most are only concerned with seeming to be what they wish they were.
I'm more of a 'regualr guy' type - I'm not impressed with all the hype.
But I meet a lot of people from across the economic stratum who imagine that having 'better' goods makes them better people.
It's odd - most people with the least are often those who spend the most to try to appear to be the best.
But this philosophy is usually what keeps them at the lower levels of our social order.
Maybe this way of life is a way for them to compensate for their personal shortcomings.
Many imagine that having the goods of the upper classes makes them a member of the upper classes.

 But wearing a Brioni suit does not make a man smart.
 Having Halle Berry as a trophy wife does not (permanently) make a guy's penis larger.
 Driving a Lambo does not make a man famous.
 Wearing Jordans does give a man Jordan's athletic ability.
Living in a nice home does not make a man rich.

These are the rewards that come after much of the hard work is done.
These are not meant to replace the work itself.


Freeman said...

What about Fake it til you Make it? What about if you want to be a success dress like you're already successful? What about a person recognizing theirselves as their own brand?

The world is selling style over substance. Everyone usually focuses on the poor who waste money emulating it but hardly anyone shames the middle class who are doing the exact same thing.

People have self esteem issues as they allow the world to tell them what's success is. For those who are secure these things are unnecessary or are bought because we like the way we look not the way others may perceive us.

In total the material possessions are attainable and easier than figuring out why you need validation from the world.

Liam said...

this is exactly why apple has been so successful. genius marketing. they have sold people on believing that to own an apple product somehow equates to a certain lifestyle.

my cousin looks at me strange because i wont join him in line at the wee hours in the morning to buy some jordans, i refuse to spend that kind of cash on some shoes, unless of course it bears my name.

i love this blog, so happy i found it. great commentary!