Monday, October 11, 2010

Tough People

A tough man has to defeat an even tougher enemy.   I hear people talk about how tough they are, how bad they are, or how gangsta' they are all the time.
But the thing is - they are not really tough or strong.
How would they know?
Because they're in a gang?
Their gang might be tough - but they are not tough.
In fact, they are so weak that they had to join a group in order to feel safe and protected.


D.Freeman said...

C'mon UBJ everyone is tougher in a crowd. A MOB is a MOB because the cowards usually need a lot of people to back them up. It's human nature or some kind of animal instinct that has never been fully fleshed out.

Reggie said...

I didn't even join a fraternity in college, I'd never understand why anyone would join a gang and fight over property that doesn't even belong to them.

The whole idea of gangbanging is rather stupid.