Saturday, October 9, 2010

Everyone Gets Teased

And everyone can be picked apart.
 Even celebrities have it tough.
Alicia is a great performer, nice to look at, and a philanthropist - but she is said to have bad skin.
 Rihanna is often mentioned as having a big forehead and acne scars.
 Megan Fox - acne scars.
 Cameron Diaz - acne.
 Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker is often called horse-faced and cross-eyed.
And this girl is probably teased for having a ghetto booty.
No matter what, many people like to make themselves feel good by making others feel bad.
It's just easier than doing the work for themselves.
TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, People, The National Enquirer, ... have all created successful business models around the idea of teasing people who have/do what others with they could have/do.


brohammas said...

Well whatever that last girl will be teased for it surely won't be for wearing pants.

Reggie said...

True so true.....but that ghetto booty will sell when bread don't.

Anonymous said...

That ass isn't a ghetto booty. It's a muscular ass. Black men should know the difference. I'd love to shove my dam face in there.Most white women can never hava an ass like that. White women are gross.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit all a dat

Anonymous said...

Shannon black men taste like what they are....dirt! FU

wrejjy said...

most be a white girl. Dont get mad cuz yo ass is flat.

wrejjy said...
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Anonymous said...

Shannon black men taste like what they are....dirt! FU
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