Monday, October 11, 2010

Know Thy Place

All I'm saying is that a parent is not a friend.
A parent should not be concerned with whether kids think they are cool or not.
A parents needs to act like the leader - not like one of the pack.
A parent makes the hard choices and sacrifices.
A parent gives an honest assessment.
A parent teaches.
A parent corrects.
A parent comforts.
A parent protects.
Recent news stories related tales of an off duty police officer who faked the arrest of a teen boy who was having sex with his teen daughter.
Another story told the tale of a father confronting his daughter's bullies on her school bus.
Many would say that these fathers overreacted - but not me.
These fathers were just doing what needed to be done.
What woman would marry a docile man?

When I was a kid, I got into a lot of fights with people who would just wear me out.
Most of the time it was a bigger kid or an adult.
My step dad would let me get my butt kicked by a bigger kid if I was the one talking ish.
If I didn't start it, he would stop the fight before I was beaten too badly.
But my step dad would beat down any grown man who would step to me.
"Men fight men.", he would say as he was teaching the other grown man the rules of kid fights.
We didn't always like our father - but we always respected him.
As adults, we've learned to better understand him.

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Reggie said...

I would kill for my children. But I've always had a fair, but firm hand with them.