Monday, October 25, 2010

What Happened To Black Men?

 While I'm getting pretty tired of the trifling mothers of the kids with which I deal - I'm not sure that with them is where the majority of the blame lies when it comes to young Black children.
As many of my young cousins and their friends are getting older, most now have girlfriends.
It seems that these young ladies have just as poor role models as do our boys.
Not only do I have young men seeking my advice, many now have young ladies in tow seeking advice,help or direction.
But these girls seem to have it together.
Most have jobs, are in school and none have police records.
But why are they with these scrubs?
Why do they take the place of these boys' mothers in mothering them?
Have their mothers taught them to be enablers by example?
Why do these young ladies feel as though they are to be mistreated and used by boys who lack an education, skills, and in many cases, ambition?
When did it become acceptable for young boys to act as pimps to their ho's instead of protectors of their partners?
When did these young women lose their self worth?

One of the Jazz, R&B and Zydeco clubs I run is right next door to a larger young adult oriented club.
The young girls at the younger club dress like hookers.
Many of the older men from the Jazz club stand outside and ogle the young ladies as they make their way through the parking lot to the club.

But this is some sad, sick and  sorry shit.
These young ladies are young enough to be their daughters.
These young ladies are supposed to be valued and protected by those from an older generation - not gawked at like a plate of links and ribs by these old fat men.
If these 'respected' men of the community treat young women like hookers and ho's - how are these women supposed to act?
If these men teach their sons - what are their sons supposed to think about women.
More than forty years ago, Malcolm X gave instructions on the treatment of women.
But even today, few listen.

I must look young for my age.
I still get hit on by young women who are just entering adulthood.
"How does yo' mama look?", I ask in a polite declining manner.
Why do so many "self-aware' men still look at young women as something to hit (figuratively and literally)?
When did young women start to believe that's all they were?
Why don't more men get involved in mentoring these young women?
Or are too many men not to be trusted around young women who are not their own daughters?
If this is the case - maybe many Black men from this perverse generation need to be in prison.


DF said...

Trust no man around young girls period. Men oogle these young girls because the idiots come in flocks and herds.

The good guys are not around that place at all. When they said there is nothing going on after 11pm it needs to be changed to nothing good going on after 11pm.

You get front row of the idiot element of society by going from club to club. These are men that lack discipline and integrity so they flock to places where this is not valued. It's not that all men should be locked up just a good majority of the cats who are in the club.

uglyblackjohn said...

But the fathers of these girls are not even around.
If they were, they would have no need for me.

DF said...

Since there probably isn't a man in the home there is no one to tell the girl to not be out that late in the first place.

C'mon man if my daughter's teenage club was next to the regular club I would say NO period.

Man I think I'm just a jaded cat as I've only seen the worst elements of life so I wouldn't trust any situation. The real issue the mother who probably is a victim should stop being a friend and be a mother and make sure her daughter isn't out in places to be manipulated.

Yes, the man isn't around but you also have a first hand victim in most women who somehow seem to not prepare their daughters to not get dicked.

brohammas said...

This is only a symptom of a general social/moral decline that is at least two generations deep.

Of course when I say anything, I am the prude. I'm fine with that, but my daughters will NOT be that hooker that old man is looking at.
(knock on wood)

Liam said...

its a sad cycle, i remember the district manager of a former employer gawking at some girl who was even too young for me and at the time i was in my early 20's and he tried to have a convo with me about her various body parts but i couldnt figure if he was trying to relate to me because i was younger or if that was just his nature until i was invited to the luncheons with some of the other district and regional managers and most of the time the topic was the

Black and white men alike sat at the table discussing disgusting things they would do to girls that could probably be their grand daughters.

I learned then that age does not always equate to wisdom

Val said...

I agree with brohammas.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think that human nature being what it is, the Muslims have it so right when they say cover up the women!